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Thank you for visiting our website. I hope that the few moments spent on our site will serve you how to invest in Alibaba shares in Malaysia well in learning some important information about our church. We exist to make disciples of Jesus by the power of His Spirit, for the glory of God. To this end we seek to be gospel-driven in all that we do. Some people who come around ask "Where are all the programs?" We actually believe that the Church is God's program for evangelism, discipleship and missions. We believe the church is a display of God's glory and therefore should be taken very seriously.

Preaching. Therefore, we have a strong emphasis on the preaching of God's word. We understand that God's people are hungering and thirsting for God's truth, not our ideas or philosophies. We want to be molded, washed and sanctified by the word of God, that we might know and worship our Savior and seek to proclaim the news of life that he brings. Thus we seek to carefully plan our worship services so the congregation can sense the breadth and depth of the Lord Jesus Christ in all the fullness of His glory. In song, in hearing the Word proclaimed, or multi asset trading platform in Malaysia standing before a holy God at the Lord's table, we seek to be transparent and invigorated with the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Membership. Since we believe that the church is a display of God's glory, membership at Redeemer is more than just a title, or a signed card.  We encourage our members not to give into the temptations of consumerism so prevalent in the society in which we live, but rather to become providers and servants in the body of Christ. We encourage our members to actively participate in each other's lives seeking to experience the full counsel of God through intimate fellowship among saints. This includes the application of God's word to our lives in small group settings called Care Groups.

Proclaiming the Gospel. We welcome you to join us as we taste and see that the Lord is good! When Jesus ascended into heaven, he left behind approximately 120 men who changed the world with the Gospel.  The Gospel is alive and well on earth as the Lord is moving among His people.  The harvest is plentiful, the workers are few.  It matters what you do today with your life.  Don't waste it! At Redeemer we are pouring best way to trade binary options ourselves in each other's lives, and we hope that you will throw yourself in with us as we follow Jesus together.

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